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How do I clear a partially blocked drain?

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How do I clear a partially blocked drain without causing a drainage problem? I heard there is some liquid I can pour down the drain to unblock it. Will this cause any damage to the drain or the environment. Does anyone have any experience of tackling this sort of drainage problem successfully?

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3 Responses to “How do I clear a partially blocked drain?”
  1. Vincenzo Jordan Said:

    First, try a plunger.

    Second, if that doesn’t work, use Drano or another drain-unclogging product.

    Third, if those don’t work, buy a plumbing snake from a hardware store (20-40 dollars). It is a flexible metal hose that you put down the drain that can go around the bends and you can push the clogging material out with.

    Fourth, last resort, call a plumber.

  2. Sylvia Wynn Said:

    If you dont want to use harsh chemicle’s, I use this to clear my kitchen drain all the time. pour about 1/3 cup baking soda into the blocked drain, put 1 cup white viniger in the microwave, heat to just under a boil, usually about 1.30 slowly pour the vinigar down the drain. follow with hot tap water. I have used it in my shower it works well there too.

  3. Stella132 Said:

    U mentioned drain…Vanity? Most of the time, it’s only blocked by the stopper. (hair and crude.) Just remove the stopper by the P trap. Pull out the stopper and use a stick like a chop stick and clean out the stuff, from the top. If that don’t work. U have to buy a small snake (hand crank about $20.) to run it from top to clean out the pipe to the elbow.
    If it’s a kitchen drain. U have to remove the p-trap and run the snake to about 15-20′ into the pipe. That’s where it usually clogged. This the the best and surest way to clean out drains.