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what happens to chemicals poured down the drain?

Not just chemicals, but all the junk we pour down our drains systems to unblock drains, like drain-o, shampoo, toilet bowl cleansers…all this harmful junk we use. Is it cleaned form the water at sewage plants? Does it become physical matter that then can be removed? Does it break-down? How can farmers use waste from sewage plants if it has residue from drain-o in it?

Also if any of this overflows on the surface and drains into a garden soakaway does this accumulate in there or break down?

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4 Responses to “what happens to chemicals poured down the drain?”
  1. Brad 205 Said:

    Ends up in your body and the bodies of all other living things.

  2. Lilly Middleton Said:

    Don’t put oil, solvents or other household chemicals in your water. But that’s just what you’re doing if you pour them down the storm drain or down your sink. Because they don’t degrade easily, these substances end up in our reservoirs and in our wells.

  3. Skyla170 Said:

    We are relying on dilution. Some the Shampoo companies scoop up again at the sewage plants and reuse. That is why they call it shampoo

  4. Averie Humphrey Said:

    in the USA, chemicals would be treated either in a public wastewater plant or septic system. The chemcial elimination is 99% and all systems must meet the strictest regulations in the world. If you want to read about the process, review the references. The method depends on the chemical. Drano is just neutralized to common salt. Shampoos and other organics are turned into CO2 and salts by bacteria used in the process.