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What household chemicals can I use to unclog a drain?

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I live in an apartment where the drain clogs up a lot.

I have called the apartment management about the problem and asked them to unclog the drain for me. They visit and they pour some chemicals down the drain and it clears it up. What can I use so I don’t have to call the management all the time?

I am broke so can not afford the top brands like liquid plumber for instance so I would like a natural drain cleaner.

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6 Responses to “What household chemicals can I use to unclog a drain?”
  1. Deacon Cottrell Said:

    We have used this as a keep the drain clear formula as well.


    1:1 (make up as much as you think you might need)

    Try this to start.

    1/2 cup baking soda
    1/2 cup white vinegar

    That’s it! Now this is what you do…..

    1.Pour the vinegar into the baking soda, slowly.
    Then stir the ingredients.

    2.Pour the mixture into the drain.

    3.Wait of 1/2 hour.

    4.Pour boiling hot water down the drain. (2 or 3 teakettles full to start)

  2. Karter Bellingham Said:

    Mr Muscle drain opener, great to unclog a drain and not expensive and it works!

  3. Deshaun Lock Said:

    Try this. I saw it on tv one day. pour a cup of Salt then a cup of Sugar down the drain, then pour a pot of boiling water after it. The chemicals in the salt sugar will dissolve and break down the cloggieness!

  4. Darrell Bent Said:

    Check your local dollar store (Dollar General, Dollar Tree, etc.) They usually have a variety of chemicals at reasonable prices. Check the labels and look for one with a similar ingredient list to Liquid Plumber or Draino.

  5. Elvis 193 Said:

    1/4 cup baking soda and 1-2 cups white vinegar. Drain should start to foam up. Let set for 5 min and flush with hot water for 5 min.

  6. Giovanni Sargent Said:

    I would use a plunger first, before trying chemicals to unclog a drain, make sure you plug any overflow holes in sink or tub.

    Or if you have a small shop- vac put it over the drain plug the overflow holes and suck everything out