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what kind of drain cleaning chemicals can be used for a clogged toilet?

I have met the householders nightmare full on – I have a blocked toilet drain and it is a big problem.

I have a blocked toilet and i have used drains plunger with no results what kind of chemical drain cleaner can be used for a clogged toilet and will this drain cleaning harm the toilet fixtures?

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9 Responses to “what kind of drain cleaning chemicals can be used for a clogged toilet?”
  1. Shyann Wood Said:

    Need to have cleaned by professional. Sorry.
    You could try a eel made for toilets sold at hardware stores. Are you using the plunger 6-8 firm plunges?

  2. Abraham Weaver Said:

    Drano works

  3. Rylee Griffin Said:

    When a toilet clogs, do not continue to flush it. Additional flushing will not push objects through and may flood the bathroom floor. Instead bail out the toilet until the bowl is about half full. More water than this can lead to a slushy mess while plunging, but too little water will prevent the plunger from making a tight seal around the bowl’s outlet. Work up and down vigorously for about a dozen strokes, and then quickly yank away the plunger. If the water disappears with a glug, it’s likely the plunging has succeeded. But don’t flush yet. First pour in more water. Until the bowl empties several times. If plunging doesn’t work, the toilet will have to be augered.

  4. Aliyah Chan Said:

    Try not to use any chem in any drain. Best to plunge or use auger.

  5. Flor Simms Said:

    I had a toilet drain problem caused by (believe it or not) a tree root that made its way up through the concrete slab, through the wax ring, and down into the drain where it spread out into what looked like a mop head. You may have to take the toilet off of the flange and try to resolve the clog from there. It is much easier than trying to snake the drain from inside the bowl.

  6. Dallas Woodbridge Said:

    your going to have to go out and buy yourself an auger Home depot, Lowe’s or any hardware store
    then snake it out
    they are reasonably priced and better than plungers
    and they are always handy to have

    good luck ;-)

  7. Jakob 61 Said:

    You need a snake to clean the drain, DO NOT use chemicals, they will make it worse. There are also the new style plunger that actually builds up a shot of air that will blow them out but I would just call a rooter service.

  8. Dakota 174 Said:

    Dont waste money on Draino. You might as well use Kool Aid. Get Easyflow drain unclogger from a plumbing supply store. Be careful , read directions and follow them , Strong Stuff. good luck

  9. Violet Woodhead Said:

    There is a tool available for $20.00 or less, called a toilet snake. Most come with basic instructions, and are easy to use. Don’t get too vigorous when you pull it out, especially if it seems to be stuck. If it does stick, either reverse rotation to back it out or remove the toilet to clear what it is hung up on. If the snake does not work, remove the toilet and get a longer snake, or call a plumber.